Friday, November 20, 2009


I got to shoot Winbourne's show at the Tigers Against Trafficking event a couple of weeks ago. These guys are great! They know how to entertain and made for quite a fun first attempt at shooting the awesomeness of the entertainment world. Be sure to check these guys out. They have a new EP coming out soon and they're playing all over the place:

Story Telling

Alec Soth (  came to visit the photography school this week. It was refreshing to hear opinions from a well established photographer. He knows what's up for lack of a better term.

Tonight at his lecture he talked about story telling and the fact that photographs can't really tell a story. I feel like this issue has been one at the heart of the struggle of photography since the medium began. I guess I've always felt the frustration he described tonight but was never able to put my finger on it. He's experimenting with his own way of story telling that includes photography but still stands by the point that a photograph in and of itself cannot tell a complete story.

I thought on the way to my apartment tonight about that frustration and wall that occurs and what it means for me to tell a story through photography. And even more than that, what it means to glorify God with my photography...whether through story telling or what. I don't know...I can't seem to complete the thought. There's a wall even there. But I guess this can be my attempt at story telling. So here's my blog

Went to Woodville today to continue documenting..